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Snow Rocks
Truly water in its finest form!

Game Review: Oni
My first videogame review for CXM. What else did you think I was going to do with this space, monkey? (not this "space monkey)

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Snow Rocks  

My compatriots have taken it upon themselves to bring new insight into major aspects of geek culture. Rather than meet these high standards I have chosen to prattle about perhaps the most superior form or precipitation ever, SNOW!

I am lucky enough to reside in New England which is capable of getting snow in 7 months of the year. We get at least two good sized storms a year which tend to pretty much shut everything down. Just this weekend we got over two feet of snow and UMass canceled classes for Monday and Tuesday. I got a four day weekend that I frivolously wasted playing video games, staying up real late, playing a little bit or Risk, and of course the mandatory playing in the snow.

Snow is an amazing force of nature based on its ability to get me out of class. You just can't beat that. This is an area where other weather just can't compete. I personally have had incredible luck as far as snow days falling on days of tests or major papers being due. Its mother nature intervening on my behalf.

So there is the fact that it closes school down, but the powers of snow go far beyond that. There are endless possibilities for what you can do with it once it's on the ground. There are the standard snow angels to be shaped, snowmen to be built, and snowballs to be thrown. Everyday sports activities can be instantaneously enhanced by playing them in waist deep snow. Snow sculpting is available for those who wish to move beyond the standard snowmen. Along with several friends I myself constructed a 7 foot tall snow sphinx earlier today. The king of all snow activities has to be sledding. Whether it be on an actual sled or a borrowed dining commons tray, sledding is the peak of snow entertainment. Calvin and Hobbes delighted in the construction of bizarre snowmen, but in the end it all came back to sledding.

One of the great features of snow is that everything just shuts down. You either play in the snow outside or hole up inside with a book. People complain to me that driving in snow is awful, to that I say "stay home!" We have science on our side here people. We know when these storms are gonna hit and how many inches we'll receive. Buy provisions for a couple days and then don't go out again. If you really need to go somewhere, you're probably better off walking. One of my favorite parts about in snowing when I was a kid was walking into town the day after a big storm and there being no cars on the roads.

So snow is awesome, if you're lucky enough to have some, go play!

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