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GDC journal (last updated at 1:32 PST)
Check in with me to see my running commentary on what I've seen and done so far!

I speak on behalf of the Spanish Armada.
Sometimes we feel compelled to write because of creativity, a need for an outlet, inspiration. Sometimes we do it 'cause we do it to keep incomplete code from breaking. Did I say that out loud?

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GDC journal (last updated at 1:32 PST)  

Wednesday, March 21 - 1:39 PM
Well, it's been a good time so far, boys and girls of the viewing audience, and it's only going to get better as the expo floor opens tomorrow. Unfortunately, I don't really have time to write a proper update right now, but you'll soon be able to look forward to my thoughts on:

+ The trip down
+ Getting in to the GDC
+ Tutorial #1: Design Touchpoints
+ Tutorial #2: AI Overview

There's a session tomorrow for press to listen to the heads of the gaming industry for an hour as they talk about where it's all going, but I figure that every news site and their mother will cover that. Therefore I'm going to skip out on the press conference and go listen to Scott McCloud (of "Understanding Comics" fame) as he talks about the relationship between his medium of choice (pastry sculpture, for those not in the know) and games. I'll sum it up tomorrow in a nice informational, educational paragraph or two. Or more if he drops any truly juicy bits. Anything for our loyal *cough* fans! (read: "anything to make Jason green with envy!")

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