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For a limited time only, CXM offers these exclusive extras, as seen on the Web. If you read CXM now, you will receive these extras, free of charge! Don't hesitate, check out CXM now!
You down with OP? - Alternate Strip
This was the original version of the Optimus Prime strip. We changed it because we weren't sure if the funny was apparent. But since Jason and Kai worked so hard on drawing and coloring the original artwork for the third panel, we owe it to them, and to you, to post it here.
My Optimus - Wallpaper
This is a phat wallpaper conjured forth by our very own T$. It reveals the truth about Optimus Prime: he is the one!
Comics Ex Machina Adventures - Movie
Sometimes the world needs heroes to step up and defend it from the forces of evil. And sometimes those heroes come in different forms...
CXM Boyz - Wallpaper
This fabulous piece by internationally renowned artist Tony showcases the CXM Boyz in one of their favorite settings: Harvard Square.
He Puts the Tony in Plutonium - Wallpaper
Attention, Tony is to be considered armed and dangerous. Anybody with information leading to his whereabouts should be certain to contact the CXM boyz immediately. Do not, repeat, do not engage on sight. [The CXM boyz do not accept any responsibility for the consequences of feeding Tony plutonium].
The First Rule of CXM... - Wallpaper
I am Jack's wallpaper. I cover Jack's desktop so that he doesn't have some crappy default design there. Without me, Jack cannot fully appreciate all the features of his personal computer. (Available in two styles: design on the right side or design centered.)
Education and CXM - Alternate Strip
Another version of our groundbreaking foray into Educational comics. This one was colored by Kai, as opposed to the original rendering by Tony.
Fivel ain't got nothin' - Fan Art
Our first piece of fan artwork comes to us from Tess. Though her past remains shrouded in mystery, her drawing finally clarifies Kai's propensity for eating cheese while plunging his foes into the depths of eternal slumber. (also answering the question, "Is that brie I smell? Or the odor of untamed malice rising on the evening wind?" It's both, kids!)

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