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Comics Ex Machina is more than just a web comic. It's a demonstration of what happens when you assemble four college students (and former high school pals) in a Chinese restaurant every weekend and a dimly-lit attic bedroom every night for an entire summer. And then provide them with a computer, drawing implements, and enough episodes of MTV's Undressed to satisfy a small island nation.

It's not just fine, it's instant superfine.

A variety of web comics — chief among them the infamous (and often imitated) Penny Arcade — imbued the CXM boys with inspiration. One night, over Chinese food, and in a moment that seems oddly common among web cartoonists, they suddenly realized, "Hey! We could do that!" Little did they realize what they had got themselves into. Knowing the old adage that "truth was stranger than fiction," their original goal was to write comic strips about things that happened to them in real life. However, they soon realized that old adages are, in fact, a load of crap. The majority of the strips are now purely fictional (though Jason maintains that he and the leader of the Autobots really are "homies").

Separately, the members of CXM may seem unremarkable, but when they come together, they each lend their unique skills to the group as a whole. Much like Voltron. For more information on the boys, you can click on their disembodied heads.

Jason brings his unique brand of justice to CXM by hand drawing each strip with cold-hearted vengeance. The scum and low-lives of the Net flee in terror from his formidable weekly columns.
Kai wrought our exquisite site design with the mighty hammer and tongs of SQL and PHP. And by the Power of Adobe Photoshop, he raises the strips from bleak monochromatic origins to many-colored splendor.
Tough-as-nails ace reporter Dan dishes out two-fisted news mayhem from the world of CXM three times a week. Every Wednesday, he lays down the Word on subjects ranging from computing to popular culture.
Tony is the diabolical mastermind behind such innovations as "Go go gadget railgun!" His columns and game reviews threaten to shift the very balance of world power. And he even lets the group utilize his secret headquarters, the TonyCave, in Newton, MA (an otherwise bland and lifeless city).

All four work on writing and revising the comic strips. Their self-imposed mission: to "make the funny so you don't have to," to explore the possibilities of computer-based cartooning versus traditional print comics, and to promote truth, justice, and whatever else they find particularly neato on a given day.

All text and images 2000 by Jason, Kai, Dan, Tony, and Mecha Gaijin. He WILL kick your ass. Instant superfine!
All characters are ™ & © their respective owners. All Rights Reserved. Some Comics Ex Machina (CXM) strips are satirical in nature, and are not intended maliciously. CXM has invented all names and situations in its strips, except in cases when public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental, or used as a fictional depiction or personality parody. CXM makes no representation as to the truth or accuracy of the preceding information.